Cultivator Topas

The versatile Topas pre-cultivator is the big all-rounder for many farms. Farmers using non-plough tillage value its input using interchangeable wing shares when front-mounted or with suitable flat shares when rear-mounted for deeper loosening without mixing. 

  • The Topas can be front or rear-mounted on the tractor and used in combination with a power harrow. 
  • The short, compact design provides an optimum centre of gravity.
  • The symmetrical tine arrangement, with 5 to 9 tines, provides good implement control, The outer tines are infinitely adjustable.
Topas mounted, rigid

Type 140-5 140-7 140-9
Szerokość robocza (cm) 250 300 400
Waga (kg) 381 415 540
kW/HP 99/135 110/150 125/170
Number of tines 5 7 9


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