Hedge cutter Gaia


Version Extension Standard Shredder head Weight Min. Tractor weight Power Hyd Oil Rotor rotor Ø peripheral max Hydraulic engine
GAIA 650T 615 100/5 1140 2600 65 170 3000 430 40


  • Independent hydraulic circuit with high-efficiency cast iron gear motor and pumps.
  • 540 rpm PTO
  • Hydraulic valve system operated by flexible cables and control unit with mechanical levers
  • High resistance hydraulic pipes, protected by metal guard and shockproof/splashproof spiral wrapping
  • Cast iron coupling with 2 inlets for pumps on independent shafts
  • Helical rotor
  • 100 cm bi-directional floating cutting head
  • Safety lever to prevent the rotor from reverse spin
  • Floating first arm, auto-adaptive to the ground surface
  • Obstacle avoiding machinery, 3 arms structure
  • High-strength chassis pre-engineered for 3-point hitching to cat. II power lifts
  • Ground pins made of hardened and heat treated steel
  • Cemented and rectified steel bushings
  • Lift truck connections
  • Cutting head angle 200°
  • Safety system with first arm “OVER CENTER”
  • Safety hydraulic system with hydropneumatic dampenere and max safety valve on the rotation hinge cylinder
  • “CE” equipment
  • Safety valve for unloading in case of rotor blockage
  • PTO shaft and pair of third-point connections
  • Parking stands


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