Hybrid reversible plough VariTansanit

The VariTansanit hybrid plough combines the benefits of mounted and semi-mounted systems in a single machine. It is available in six or seven furrow format and can be used with much lighter tractors than comparable semi-mounted ploughs. 

  • A hydraulic top link controls the weight transfer from the plough to the tractor. This ensures optimum traction power distribution with minimum slippage and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Thanks to the electronic Hybridcontrol system, the headland process is carried out automatically. Furthermore, the pitch can be adjusted from the comfort of the tractor cab. 
  • Weight transfer to the rear axle, and the beneficial centre of gravity achieved, leads to an increased stability and, in turn, safer headland turns, not at least on hillsides. 
  • The Hydromatic hydraulic overload protection with high trip forces allows for failure-free ploughing even in difficult stony conditions. The firm connection of the plough bodies to the supporting point allows for horizontal and lateral movement at the same time.
  • Land wheel is hydraulic and the headstock can be hydraulically set to ‘fixed’ for field work, or ‘pivot’ for road transport.


VariTansanit 8 (Frame 140 x 140 x 10mm)
Numbers of furrows 6 6+1
Working width per furrow (cm) 30 - 55 30 - 55
Interbody clearance (cm) 105 105
Weight (kg) 2.317 2.596
Weight with Hydromatic (kg) 2.725 3.072
kW 103 - 151 103 - 169
HP 140 - 205 140 - 230


Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic turnover device T 120 (permanent torque)
  • Electronic control HybridControl
  • Hydraulic top link (State type of tractor)
  • Electronic draft control
  • 2 double acting turnover rams
  • Hydraulic front furrow width adjustment
  • Hydraulic transport device with locking device
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width
  • Box section frame 140 x 140 x 10 mm
  • Setting Center Optiquick©
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3 (or Cat. 3N=L2 Z3)
  • Toolboxes, tools and shearbolts
  • Stand
  • Underframe clearance 85 cm
  • Hydraulic depth wheel 425/55-17, 890 x 425 mm
  • Two-piece shares (option: hard-faced one-piece stone shares)
  • Hard-faced points
  • Shape of DuraMaxx bodies W 40 or W 52


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